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Meet Laura Eddy — An Australian product designer & founder,

Episode Summary

Laura Eddy is the founder of, among other things. She is what I like to call a "unicorn". She's a talented designer and developer. In terms of design, her skillset ranges from product design, illustration, and font design. In today's episode, we talk about where she gets her inspiration for her unique designs and how she balances that alongside her full-time role. Hosted by @jrfarr — brought to you by

Episode Notes

Here's a list of ways to connect with Laura Eddy:

Twitter: @typeheist

Websites: Laura Eddy, Typeheist, Haunts.

(1:45) favorite type of design

(2:58) where does inspiration come from

(3:45) how long does it take to design a font

(8:11) favorite design tools

(9:29) design & development experience

(11:40) balancing work and side-hustles

(15:52) reading to learn

(17:39) getting started in font design

(20:15) advice and wrapping up

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