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Mike McAlister — From selling his WordPress business to WP Engine to launching the Liftoff Creator Course

Episode Notes

In today's episode, you'll learn from Mike McAlister. Over the past decade, Mike has carved out his works in the WordPress industry. Mike has the unique ability to be a designer, developer, and marketer.  With this formula, he has launched and grown multiple projects from ground zero to over a million dollars in revenue before, ultimately, being acquired by WP Engine.

Today, Mike is the Principal Software Engineer at WP Engine. He also recently launched the Liftoff Creator Course. In short, the Liftoff course teaches you step-by-step how to pinpoint your expertise and turn it into digital products like courses, ebooks, memberships, digital goods, podcasts, and templates that earn recurring revenue. 

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Show notes:

(1:30) early beginnings for Mike

(4:17) moving from a marketplace to running own business

(7:07) leading the charge with Atomic blocks for WordPress

(10:28) getting acquired by WP Engine

 (13:38) a typical day in the life

(17:29) the Liftoff course

(24:20) Mike's love for astronomy inspires his work

(28:05) wrapping up


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