Make Lemonade

Making $386,000 with a Figma course. Michael Riddering shares how he founded Figma Academy.

Episode Notes

By day, Michael Riddering (aka @Ridd), is the founding designer for Maven — a cohort-based education platform. By night, he's the founder of Figma.Academy — a design course that teaches advanced design tactics delivered directly inside of Figma.

In this episode, Ridd breaks down how he built Figma Academy. We uncover a decision he made early on that helped influence Figma Academy into the success story it is today.


Show notes: 

(1:29) getting started with design & education

(5:17) the beginnings of Figma Academy

(10:10) balance work and life

(12:07) delivering a course inside of Figma

(14:18) what's next for Figma Academy

(19:09) Ridd's day to day

(22:45) quick Q&A / wrapping up

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